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NYC’s iconic $1 pizza slice scorched by staggering inflation

    New York Post. June 13, 2022. Search ... Elias savored slices on the sidewalk this week with friends amid a true sign of the times — the shop advertises $1.50 pizza slices on a sidewalk menu ...

The $1 Pizza Slice Becomes Inflation’s Latest Victim

    The 99 Cents Hot Pizza in Downtown Brooklyn advertises the new $1.50 price for a slice of cheese pizza. OK McCausland for The New York Times Syldon Nedd, a street vendor who sells used goods,...

NYC's $1 Pizza Is No Longer a Dollar - Food & Wine

    The New York Post reports that many of the city's famed $1 pizza spots are no longer able to charge a dollar a slice. Hammering the point home, the paper featured a photo showing the Chelsea...

Brooklyn pizzeria adds $1 'comforting words' to their menu

    A Brooklyn pizza shop is delivering boxes of hot and fresh consolation for just $1 with any order. Vinnie’s Pizzeria, at 148 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, is now offering “positive reinforcement”...

$1 Pizza New York, NY - Last Updated May 2022 - Yelp

    1 Pizza 7 Flatiron. “Soooooo delicious- crusty/fluffy dough with the perfect savory sweet …

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