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The Best Dollar Pizza Slice in Manhattan - Where to Find ...

    Nov 10, 2017 · We researched the best slice spots in the city (all that served slices for $1), picked one location from each chain (when applicable), and taste-tested one plain slice each. Here's how each $1 slice pizza joint faired.Occupation: Site Director

$1 Slices of Pizza - New York, NY - Yelp

    There is no secret menu here. Just $1 slices of pizza, some specialty slices, a stromboli wheel-looking kind of thing, and drinks. There is also a generic special (that all $1 pizza joints seem to be running), 2 slices of pizza and a can of soda or water for $2.75. When you first walk into the establishment,...3.5/5(118)

A $1 Slice of New York City - New York, NY - Yelp

    As with many 99 cents pizza place, it's really $1 a slice but unless you are the tightest of tight wads, most people wouldn't really care about the penny difference. Unlike a lot of dollar pizza places, there isn't any $2.75 for 2 slices and a soda deal. The soda still cost $1 no matter how many slices you buy.3/5(33)

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    So next time you’re out in Manhattan and you want to experience a $1 pizza slice, here are my favorite places to get it. 2 Bros Pizza. 557 8th Avenue, on the corner of 38th Street. New York, NY. 2 Bros is a massive chain, but this location might serve up the worst dollar pizza in Manhattan.

I found the best $1 pizza slice joints in New York City ...

    Jul 29, 2016 · New York City is famous for its pizza, and on nearly every corner you'll see these "$1 slice" pizza joints that may raise a few eyebrows. But since there's nothing like grabbing a bite on a budget, I set out on a ruthless hunt for the best so-called $1 slices (so you don't have to).

Is NYC Dollar Slice Pizza Good? Top Pizza Chefs Discuss $1 ...

    Today a single subway ride costs $2.75. A dollar slice costs, well, $1. And 70 venues hawk pizza across the five boroughs for less than the cost of traveling between them. How they manage to defy the Pizza Principle is a matter of derision and perhaps a little affection among New York City’s pizza masters.Author: Eliza Dumais

The best $1 slice in New York

    Percy’s king of the $1 slice: Giacomo “Jack” Lattaruli. A dollar slice isn’t hard to come by in this city. A good dollar slice is a different story altogether. The best dollar slice in the city has arrived, and it’s at Percy’s — a cozy pizzeria at 190 Bleecker St., in Greenwich Village.

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    Studies show that the average cost of a slice of pizza in NYC usually is about the same as the cost of a single subway ride, so about $2.75. While that is almost triple the cost of a $1 slice, by percentage, it's not enough money to spend time looking for the (inferior) One Dollar slices.

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