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    California Pizza Kitchen. This pizza chain …

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    The ten largest pizza chains in the United States in 2020 by gross sales were: Domino’s Pizza Jobs . Little Caesars Jobs . Marco’s Pizza Jobs . Papa John’s Pizza Jobs . Chuck E. Cheese’s Jobs . Papa Murphy’s Jobs . Sbarro America Jobs . Cici’s Pizza Jobs

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    Total Score: 9. 6. Papa John’s — Original Crust Pepperoni. papa johns. Papa John’s is treated as the weakest link between the big three chains. Pizza Hut …

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    1 Papa Murphy's Pizza Papa Murphy's/Yelp Talk about a customer favorite! America's largest take-n-bake chain was recently crowned #1 in the pizza restaurant category for overall trust, sanitation, and customer loyalty by Nation's Restaurant News, and #1 for customer service by Newsweek (two prestigious food industry publications).

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    6.1: Pizza Bar: Miami Beach: FL: 826: 6.1: Big Al’s Chicago Style Pizza: New York: NY: 826: 6.1: Whole Foods Market: New York: NY: 826: 6.1: Ian’s Pizza by the Slice: Madison: WI: 826: 6.1: Sausages Pizza & Pastabilities: Montauk: NY: 826: 6.1: Little Italy Pizza: New York: NY: 826: 6.1: Lenny’s Pizza: Miami Beach: FL: 826: 6.1: Piola - Miami Beach: Miami Beach: FL: 826: 6.1: B & B …

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    Papa Murphy’s claim to fame is being the only national-scale pizza chain based solely on “take and bake” pizzas assembled in the store and baked by customers at home. It was the mid-1980s when Terry Collins acquired and consolidated two existing chains, Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza.

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