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$1,000 Pizza Sold At Nino's Restaurant In NYC Features ...

    Jun 21, 2012 · $1,000 Pizza Sold At Nino's Restaurant In NYC Features Caviar, Lobster With wild disregard for the " pizza principle ," Nino's Bellisima Pizzeria in New York City has crafted a pricey new pie that may as well be called "The One Percenter."

The $1000 Pizza Pie from Nino’s Bellissima Pizza The ...

    May 26, 2011 · The $1000 pizza was created by Selimaj of Ninos Bellissima Pizza after an entire year of research. The pizza comes on a creme fraiche base with four types of caviar, sliced lobster tail, salmon roe and some wasabi. Each $250 slice contains a different kind of caviar.

$1,000 pizza at Nino’s Restaurant in New York City

    Jun 19, 2012 · And now there's a $1,000 pizza. The Bellisima Pizza from Nino's Restaurant in New York City features fancy toppings and a fancy price tag to match--order one of these pizzas …Author: Mike Krumboltz

$1,000 Pizza at Nino's Bellissima Pizza

    Probably not, but Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino's Bellissima Pizza, in New York, seems to think there are many food lovers who would fork out $1,000 for a slice of heaven. Selimaj himself came up

Introducing the $1,000 Pizza TIME.com

    Jun 25, 2012 · Do you ever wonder what the 1% eat on pizza night? Well Nino's Restaurant has the answer. The New York City eatery has just introduced a pizza priced at $1,000 -- but if you cut that pie into eight pieces, it's only $125 a slice.

The $1000 Pizza, Nino's Bellissima Pizza, New York City

    Mar 15, 2007 · Apparently New Yorkers have an expensive appetite! Following hot on the heels of the DB Bistro Moderne's $99 Burger, comes a $1000 Pizza from Nino's Bellissima Pizza.Yes. 1 Pizza. $1000. Hard to believe? Well apparently this pizza contains such expensive things as creme fraiche, caviar, lobster, and a little wasabi.

Meet the $1,000 pizza.. - Reuters

    Mar 15, 2007 · A pizza is removed from an oven in a file photo. A New York restaurateur has cooked up the most world's most extravagant pizza -- a $1,000 pizza topped with six sorts of …

The $1000 Pizza - YouTube

    Jun 21, 2012 · It might sound fishy ... but this luxurious caviar pizza really does cost $1,000. The extravagant Italian pie is the creation of New York restauranteur Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino's Belissima in ...Author: Barcroft TV

About - Nino's

      He also garnered much attention when he introduced the first ever $1,000 pizza — topped with six different kinds of caviar and Maine lobster –  at Nino’s Bellissima Pizza. Nino’s Restaurant  is the first of Nino’s restaurant family and it is the one in which you are …

- Nino's

    Nino’s Restaurant is the first restaurant owned by the legendary Nino Selimaj. Fine Italian dining is what we do best, couple with that romantic live music and excellent service and you have a perfect recipe for a memorable outing. At either of his two restaurants in Manhattan on …

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